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A Social Platform for communities that want to create a positive impact.

Many conscious humans are tired of being forced into a masculine-driven social platform to learn, grow and expand. It's time for a new way.

Unlimited Groups

Soulpreneurs is a platform for leaders, teachers, authors, and speakers that want an alternative to Facebook or other social platforms to host their membership, courses, and content, go LIVE and engage with their communities.

Be a part of the collective

There are many different ways to build community. Many are finding alternatives to Facebook to build community. But, Soulpreneurs is a bit different than just creating your own community outside of Facebook.

Soulpreneurs has created a beautiful world of positive leaders so you don't have to go off on a lonely island to build your community. You can be a part of a larger collective of leaders and learners who naturally spread the word about your community. It is a place where we support and grow together.


Your privacy matters to us and we care about your freedom to express without being exploited or it held against you. Within Soulpreneurs your messages are encrypted, your groups are not censored, and we do not data mine or sell your information, ever!

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Tons of guided meditations are free, and premium users receive new meditations uploaded weekly.

Programs & Courses

Learn from your favorite teachers, coaches and mentors. Within the Soulpreneurs App we have the best teachers and coaches in the industry from around the world.

Directory & Calendar

Enjoy a large directory of teachers, coaches and mentors. Book directly from the app.

Have your Own Digital Journal

Coming Soon: The ability to record your life in your own secret journal within the app.

Mielle Fox

A beautiful app filled with amazing resources, good humans and a creator with a humanitarian mission statement which is phenomenal. Highly recommend if you want to elevate yourself and your business beyond the norm.

Dr. Natalie Horine

This is a soulfully crafted app that continues to provide new levels of mind-body tools for thy self while offering a safe space to connect with the connectors! Note: You Must tap in to learn how to “tune in” to this space. When you do- it makes it easier to “Speak your truth” each and every day you Tune in. All love here!

Stephanie Junge

Whatever you’re looking for it is here; to the depth of your soul and the joy in your business. An encompassing vibration that will only lift you higher. This group and the people in it have positively changed my life forever.